Branding, Collateral—


A newly established carpenter business based in a small town in Norway. In a local market with small and conventional competitors, Handverkspartner wanted to stand out as something different – this called for a modern visual profile and strong recognisable branding elements.


It’s natural that many people’s first encounter with this brand would be from seeing it on equipment like the company car or scaffolding. For that reason, the wordmark is clear and simple, making it easy to read in all sizes. To add an element of craft to it, the H and K both have some added spaces in the letterforms, hinting at something that is being built and put together. Additionally, the H has been tweaked, making the shape resemble the simple silhouette of a house.

The wordmark is the primary logo, but the H-shape can also be used on it’s own, as a symbol and decoration element.

The images used with the branding should all have a connection to the materials used in the craft of carpentry. This can be interpreted in many ways, from from the structure in wood, to entire forest landscapes, or even finished houses. It’s essential that all landscape images has a Norwegian feel to it for authenticity.