UI Design—

Making Waves

In 2016, digital agencies Making Waves and Nansen merged together to become one big family of digital creatives across country borders. This called for a redesign of the Making Waves brand for a new start.

Digital branding

When starting work on this project, the new brand identity had just been developed, but limited to only its core elements. One of my main tasks were to interpret the visual elements and figure out how they could be used in a digital context, and build upon that.

Based on what we had as a starting point, we used blocks of colours combined with geometrical shapes as visual decorative elements to support upon the visual brand concept. We used big contrasts on typography and images to create a dynamic experience and add a bit of fun to it.

Case studies

This redesign was essentially a whole new website — new visual identity, new code base and new content. For this first version, we scoped it down to an MVP, which later on was further developed and continuously updated with more content and detailing.

The case studies were considered the main and most important part of the website, seeing as the two main target audiences (potential clients + future employees) would be looking for that. Consequently, this was the section given the most attention and we made it really flexible, creating a full set of blocks that you could mix and match to tailor to each case study.

Utilising the potential of the flexible blocks, we set up guidelines on how to art direct each case to tell a story from start to finish while still making it flexible enough to fit different types of projects.

Working closely with the front-end developer, with continuous dialogue back and forth, I was able to step in and help out with CSS styling and adjustments when needed. This helped increase efficiency and really utilised everyones time and skills on the team.